MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches: All 35 Lipgloss Colours!

MUFE (Make Up For Ever) has a new line of lipgloss, the Artist Plexi Gloss, that will be launched in Singapore on 16 April. These lipglosses come in 35 shades, and I've heard that they will be replacing the Lab Shine Lipgloss range. The shade range of the Artist Plexi Glosses are seriously immense - everything from reds, to pinks, to corals, to nudes, and even some cooler shades like purple and black. They come in two finishes - Pure, which is a glossy finish sans any sort of shimmer whatsoever, and Pearly, which has a slight shimmer finish (no discoball, gritty glitter here).

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss: Formulated with special polymers to give unparalleled shine

The shade numbering system for the MUFE Artist Plexi Glosses is quite simple: shades in the 100s are nudes and beiges, shades in the 200s are pinks, shades in the 300s are corals, shades in the 400s are reds, and the 500s are purple and other more funky shades. The "Pearly" shades are distinguished from "Pure" shades by the addition of the "P" at the end - so for example, 400 would be a red shade with a Pure finish (no glitter, just glossy), while 401P would be a red shade with a Pearly finish that has some very fine shimmer.

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Appicator: Specially shaped with a little cutout in the middle to give a smooth, even application of gloss

I'm told the glossiness of the Artist Plexi Glosses is acheived by a special blend of polymers that form a smooth surface on the lips, giving a nice shine. Another thing that's novel about the Artist Plexi GLosses are their applicators. As you can see they are a spoon-shaped applicator with a little cut in the side - apparently this is so the applciator can scoop up the right amount of gloss, and apply it smoothly to the lips to give a nice, even application on the lips..

But enough about the glosses. I know you guys came to see swatches, so let's cut to the chase! I've got all 35 shades swatched for you, so yay for that!
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MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches: All 35 Lipgloss Colours!
MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss Swatches: All 35 Lipgloss Colours!
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