Silkygirl Blush Hour Swatches

Silkygirl is the Asian equivalent of Wet n' Wild - cheap, cheery, and sometimes the product quality is actually on par with that of higher-end brands. One of their most popular products is their blush. You can check out the Silkygirl site to see the name of this blush - I'm not actually sure whether the name is Blush Hour (which is the name on the store label) or just Blush. Anyway here are searches:

silkygirl blush hour swatches

01 Nectar Blush is a light pinky peach.
02 Dune Rose is a light pink duskier than Nectar Blush.
03 Flashing Rose is a light warm pink, more pink than Nectar Blush, brighter than Dune Rose.
04 Honeywood is actually a nice warm nude that's quite wearable, although it just doesn't stand out as much against the brighter, lighter pink shades. It's not too dark for fair skintones.
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Silkygirl Blush Hour Swatches
Silkygirl Blush Hour Swatches
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