Get Undertone Advice and Product Ingredients Analysis For Just $5 and Up!

I've got some pretty big and exciting news I want to share, that I think you guys will like! As you know, I'm somewhat known for my undertones for Asians post, which is one of my most popular posts, and still prompts people to send me comments and emails to this day. I'm not kidding, I really mean this literally - I have a couple of emails from readers in my inbox asking me about undertones that I have yet to get around to! But beyond undertones, I'm also known for my skincare analysis and general ingredients geekery, which you see and love in basically all my ingredients analysis posts. These posts also prompt a lot of interaction from readers - sometimes very long emails, going into their skincare conditions and histories, often from people who are just confused and feeling at their wits' end, wanting guidance on their skincare products and routines.

Launching: Personalized Undertone Identification, and Skincare and Ingredients Analysis Services! (Source)

You guys know that I love my readers (you!) and I'm always willing to help make your lives better in any way possible, in my small capacity as a humble beauty blogger. So, as a result of this response from my readers, I've decided that I could do more to help you guys, in these two areas of expertise - undertones (not limited to Asians), and ingredients and skincare analysis. So, I've decided to launch two analysis services, that will be personalized to you! You can opt to receive these services either via email, or live via Skype sessions. The services are:

1. Undertones Identification and Advice:
If you are not sure of your undertones, or how to classify your skintone (cool, warm, olive, neutral, etc.), I can help to identify your undertone for a small fee, e.g. I can tell you, "You are a pale olive with cool undertones." This is the most basic service I offer, called "Undertone Identification".

For an optional, minimal fee, I can also offer extra "advice" (hence the "and Advice" portion mentioned above). By "advice", I mean that in addition to just helping you identify your undertones (e.g. "You're a pale olive with cool undertones"), I can further help you understand your undertone (e.g. What exactly does being a "pale olive with cool undertones" mean) also answer related questions, (e.g. Given my undertone, what colours would suit me, how do I choose an appropriate eyeshadow or lipstick colour, and so on).

Although the original undertones post that prompted me to start this service is about Asian undertones, you don't have to be Asian to use this service - I can also identify and advise for all sorts of races with different undertones!

2. Skincare and Ingredient Analysis and Advice:
You've seen me work my ingredients analysis skills on this blog, and you like what you've read. But I'm not superwoman, and I can't covered every product on the planet, and I haven't covered the specific product you're wondering about. Now for $5 per product, I can offer my ingredients analysis of the product! E.g. I can tell you, the key ingredients of this moisturizer are mineral oil, an emollient, glycerin, a humectant, water, rhamnose, a form of sugar that functions as a humectant, and ascorbyl palmitate, which is a form of Vitamin C that is fairly stable. This is the most basic service I offer, and is called "Skincare and Ingredient Analysis".

Again, like my Undertones Identification and Advice service, for an optional, minimal fee, I can also offer extra "advice". In this context, I mean that if you're wondering how to choose between two products, or if you're wondering what ingredients you should look out for given your skin type, or if you have specific concerns about your skin, I can offer more advice and answer more questions. For example, if you have blemished skin and want to know out of your current regime which products are likely to be contributing to the acne, I can help to run through your regime and pinpoint which are the most likely culprits, and advise you on how you can choose better products.

Of course, this Ingredients Analysis and Advice service is not just limited to skincare product. If you have a makeup product (eyeliner, foundation) or a body care product (body lotion, body scrub) that you want to analyse its ingredients for, then feel free to use this service as well!

Does this sound interesting to you? I figured this is something a lot of my readers would be interesetd in, since I do get quite a lot of emails and other correspondence on these two topics! If you're keen on knowing more, click on to see the rates and fees for these services (they're really cheap, I promise, nothing's more than $15!), as well as a handy-dandy FAQ to get you started! The registration and enquiry form is also below the jump, so do click on if you want to formally register for a service, or put in an enquiry!
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Get Undertone Advice and Product Ingredients Analysis For Just $5 and Up!
Get Undertone Advice and Product Ingredients Analysis For Just $5 and Up!
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