Brush Egg Dupe For $2: Daiso Egg Laundry Board

You might have heard of the Brush Egg, which is "a texturized, high-grade silicone finger glove" to "help with the deep cleaning process of makeup brushes" (quotes taken from US and Canada Brush Egg site). It's been getting some traction, particularly on Instagram. It's US$8 on their website, which I guess makes it fairly affordable. But, I've managed to find an even cheaper dupe - this little baby was found at Daiso for just SGD$2!

A Brush Egg dupe for just $2 at Daiso: The Egg Laundry Board!

Before you think, "No way, a Brush Egg dupe for just $2? Surely they can't be that dupe-y!", let me show you a photo of the original Brush Egg (in the photo below along with some makeup brushes and other purple coloured props). They really are identical!

Definitely looks like the actual Brush Egg (Source)

Believe me yet? Anyway this humble Brush Egg dupe is actually an Egg Laundry Board that Daiso sells. Basically it's a small, handheld laundry board that you can use to remove a spot from an article of clothing, without having to throw it into the wash. So say if you get a food stain onto your blouse, you could, instead of putting the blouse into the washing machine, just use the Egg Laundry Board and some detergent, and manually wash out the stain in your sink. Pretty nifty, huh?

Brush Egg Dupe Daiso Egg Laundry Board Front
The Brush Egg Dupe/Egg Laundry Board now does double duty as a mini-laundry board and a brush cleaning tool

For those who are just looking for a dupe of the Brush Egg - now you know the dupe, and now you know where to get it! For those interested to know how I use this brush and what I think the best way to use it is, I thought I'd do a more in-depth review and a quick demo to show you how this little Brush Egg dupe works!
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Brush Egg Dupe For $2: Daiso Egg Laundry Board
Brush Egg Dupe For $2: Daiso Egg Laundry Board
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