Gamila Secret Face Oil: A Natural Moisturizer with Botanical Oils

Natural products are all the rage nowadays, and one of the brands I was introduced to sometime back was Gamila Secret. Gamila Secret was apparently really founded by an old Israeli lady named Gamila (her face adorns the packaging of the products), and her products are derived from natural oils that grow within the Galilee region that Gamila hails from.

Gamila Secret Face Oil: A blend of nine botanical oils and antioxidants.

I'm glad to say that while natural brands are a dime a dozen, I have extra respect for the brand because, unlike some other natural brands, they don't indulge in junk-scary-science-to-make-a-quick-buck marketing, although the emphasis in their marketing material is firmly on the botanical origin of their products. I don't know about you, but when brands DON'T engage in dodgy marketing, it just makes me have that much more respect for their brand and products. (Are you hearing this, guilty companies that are not Gamila Secret?)

Gamila Secret Face Oil: Grape seed, sweet almond, jojoba seed oil, and more.

Anyway. I was saying I tried Gamila Secret? Well, yes, I tried the Face Oil. The ingredients are basically a blend of various types of plant oils - grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, lavender oil, nigella sativa oil, olive fruit oil, avocado oil, bay leaf oil, and pistacia vera seed oil. there are also other ingredients (tocopherol acetate, aka Vitamin E, and inula helenium extract). The product is meant to be used as a moisturizer for both day and night, and the company claims that it can even function as a makeup base. I really liked the really nice paper packaging, featuring Gamila herself! And I also liked that it came in a very nice plastic pump, so you don't get oil all over your clothes or vanity while trying to apply this in the mornings. (Hey, I'm a klutz!)

Gamila Secret Face Oil box
Yes, that old lady is Gamila herself! And she looks incredibly young for someone her age, too!

Now, I know you've seen reviews of this before. But you have seen a review of a natural face oil that is based on science? Ah, bet you haven't! So let's get that sorted out right now, shall we? You know you want to!

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Gamila Secret Face Oil: A Natural Moisturizer with Botanical Oils
Gamila Secret Face Oil: A Natural Moisturizer with Botanical Oils
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