Yadah Skincare Angel Liptint Swatch and Review

Yadah is a Korean brand with a reasonable price point. Although the proper brand name is Yadah Skincare, the brand also has makeup items. I was intrigued by the Yadah Angel Liptint, which looked on first sight to be a dupe of Benefit's famous Benetint. I actually happened to get it in my January Vanity Trove, so I thought I'd do a little post on this for you guys!

The Yadah Angel Liptint is packaged in a small little tube with a tiny doefoot applicator. The liptint is supposed to be used on both your lips and cheeks, but I'd personally use my tube for either one or the other, because it doesn't exactly have the most sanitary packaging. I mean, can you imagine using the same applicator for both your lips and cheeks? Eww.

Anyway, packaging aside, I don't have too many bad things to say for the Yadah Liptint. For one, it smells really nice, with a sweet, fruity scent. If you don't like heavily scented products, then I guess that wouldn't be a good thing, but I actually like the scent.

Other than the scent, the Yadah Angel Liptint isn't exactly a dupe for Benefit's Benetint. For one, it's more gel-like in consistency, whereas Benetint is like water. Secondly, the colour is different. Benetint is more of a cool-toned rosy red, while the Yadah Liptint is more warm-leaning. You can see it's a more orangey kind of red in the photos below.

yadah angel liptint swatch

I personally prefer using the Liptint on my lips rather than my cheeks, so here's a swatch of the Yadah Liptint is on my lips. It's actually pretty good as a liptint. It lasted on and stayed put until I started eating and drinking, which is pretty good for a liptint.

yadah angel liptint lip swatch

All in all, I quite like the Yada Liptint as a lip tint, but I wouldn't want to use it on my cheeks, because the sweet smell just kind of puts me off using it on sensitive areas of my skin. If you're inclined to try, though, I don't think there would be anything wrong with it. As a liptint, I think this is good.
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Yadah Skincare Angel Liptint Swatch and Review
Yadah Skincare Angel Liptint Swatch and Review
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Rating : 4.5