China Glaze Prismatic Swatches: Liquid Crystal, Optical Illusion, Full Spectrum

China Glaze's Prismatic Collection has been making waves in the nail polish blogosphere, and horrible consumer that I am, I totally jumped on the Prismatic bandwagon! Last week, I happened to chance upon some China Glaze nail polishes being sold in person! They were on sale too, for SGD$8 a pop. That's just a bit more than US$6...not really cheap by US standards, but then again China Glaze is generally pretty overpriced over here. Anyway, I bought three colours from the Prismatic Collection - Full Spectrum, Liquid Crystal and Optical Illusion, so I thought I'd share swatches of these with you!

The first thing I noticed about this is that they're basically various sizes and types of glitter in a sheer-tinted base. So they're not holographic (I thought they would be at first, but they're not, and I'm cool with it), but they're still some really awesome colours, and pretty unique, too. Short of ordering from niche brands like Lynnderella, this is probably the closest we'll ever get to the mass-market multi-glitter, multi-colour, duochrome-y types of polishes that are so rare in polish-land. The second thing I noticed about these is that the glitter is pretty dense, so you can get full coverage with these in around 3 coats.

china glaze prismatic 2

Now that I've gone on about these and how awesome they are, let's move on to swatches! First up, we have Full Spectrum. This is a pink base, and has large round multi-coloured glitter, as well as finer glitter bits. I got full opacity in 3 coats. I've swatched two of the fingers over black, just so you can see what it looks like over a dark colour as well.

china glaze full spectrum

L-R: Full Spectrum, Full Spectrum over black, Full Spectrum, Full Spectrum over black

The next one is Liquid Crystal. This has a slight blue-purple duochrome in the base colour, and it sure looks stunning in the bottle. What, duochrome AND glitter in the same colour? I could kiss whoever thought of this colour! This is a gorgeous colour on, too, you see a bit of the duochrome, as well as the bursts of colour provided by the variously-sized glitter. Pure love, this is.

china glaze liquid crystal

L-R: Liquid Crystal, Liquid Crystal over black, Liquid Crystal, Liquid Crystal over black

Lastly, I also bought Optical Illusion, which is a gorgeous green-teal base. I love this colour, it's a very beautiful shade of bejewelled green, with further glitter added inside. Once again, I've swatched this both alone and over black.

china glaze optical illusion

L-R: Optical Illusion, Optical Illusion over Black, Optical Illusion, Optical Illusion over black

These look great alone, but I also think they would be amazing over other colours as a topper. I also think that layering a glitter over another would also be amazing. I know some people were a little underwhelmed by these because they weren't holographic (and if they were, I agree it would have been so much more amazing), but these are unique to my collection, and I'm happy as they're right up my alley. I can't wait to try these out more, and see what they can do!
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China Glaze Prismatic Swatches: Liquid Crystal, Optical Illusion, Full Spectrum
China Glaze Prismatic Swatches: Liquid Crystal, Optical Illusion, Full Spectrum
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