Magnetic Nail Polish NOTD: L'Oreal Star Magnet Purple

Magnetic polish is back in vogue again, with China Glaze releasing their Magnetix Collection, a line of six magnetic nail polishes. I'm always amused by how trends come and go with nail polish - first crackle/shatter polish, which Covergirl had in the late 90's that has made a comeback in the past 1-2 years again, and now, magetic polish. I remember these during just a few years back, perhaps in 2007 or 2008 (anyone remember?). Back then, L'Oreal and Lancome both had magnetic polishes, and both of them made quite a splash, too. The L'Oreal ones I have were from this range called the Star Magnets, which have since been discontinued.

This one that I'm wearing is in the colour Purple, although to my mind it's not really truly purple. It's a gorgeous shimmery pinky-purple that looks more pink than purple, and if you hold the magnet over your nail when the polish is still wet, you get a star design on your nail. Pretty cool, huh?

loreal star magnet purple 2

There are various ways of using the polish and the magnets to get the best possible star design on your nail (meaning, clear designs that actually look like a star shape, not a blotch). The one important thing is to hold the magnet over the polish while it's still wet, so the magnetic particles can move into shape. Once the polish is dry, you won't get any design. Because the L'Oreal Star Magnets are discontinued, a lot of people I know conserve their bottles by painting a base coat of similar colour, and then layering the Star Magnet colour on top. For me, I personally don't get as nice a star shape that way, so I just do it the wasteful way, and do two coats of Star Magnet polish.

loreal star magnet purple 3

I still remember all the trouble I had to go through to get my L'Oreal Star Magnets. I only wanted them after they had been discontniued (of course), so fortunately the lovely ladies on MUA (Makeupalley) pointed me to an online etailer based in the UK, who still had some bottles left. These have been the babies of my stash since then. Anyway, since magnetic polish is in again, I thought I'd dust off my L'Oreal Star Magnets and give them a shot!

loreal star magnet purple 4

I'm loving these magnetic polishes, although I feel like they're a little more time-consuming to apply, because you have to hold the magnet over the polish while letting it dry. But they're pretty fun, and I like seeing the stars form. Anyway, has anyone else been bitten by the magnetic polish bug? Do you already have any magnetic polishes? Tell me!
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Magnetic Nail Polish NOTD: L'Oreal Star Magnet Purple
Magnetic Nail Polish NOTD: L'Oreal Star Magnet Purple
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