Winter Silver and Blue Half Moon Manicure With Nail Bling!

So in conjunction with my Winter white and blue eye look, I decided to do a Winter-ish silver and blue nail look! While I wanted something winter-inspired, I didn't want it to be like, snowflakes and snowmen, because here where I am in Singapore it's summer all year round, so wearing it out may be a tad odd. But I figured why not use winter colours?

So for this nail look, I did a blinged put half-moon manicure! I used Eyeko Rain Polish for the lower part, and China Glaze Millennium for the upper part. It looked good, but I was feeling decorative, so I added in some pearls and heart-shaped crystals. I got the pearls from Born Pretty Store, and if you want I've reviewed their nail art pearl set before. The heart-shaped crystals are my own.

winter blue silver nails 2

This manicure was a little more time-consuming than I usually do, but it wasn't all that hard (given my skills, if I can do it, generally it isn't that difficult). I first painted my nails with a coat of Eyeko Rain Polish (I've swatched Eyeko Rain Polish by itself before), and then painted China Glaze Millennium over it in a half-moon shape. I used those hole reinforcment things to help get a nice half-moon shape, but if you're gonna be layin' on the bling, the shape doesn't have to be perfect, really.

winter blue silver nails 3

After painting my nails, I used the smallest sized pearls from my Born Pretty Store nail art pearl set, and my crystal hearts. I actually placed the hearts in the center first, and then sort of maneuvered the placing of the pearls around the hearts. That worked out to about 3 pearls per side per nail. I used the good ol' wet toothpick trick to pick up and place the pearls and crystals on my nail. Basically, you dip a toothpick in water, touch the gem you want to place on your nail with it, and the gem will stick to the wet toothpick. You can then place the gem down on your polished nail, and the gem will un-stick itself from the toothpick and stick to your nail instead. Neat, eh? The wonders of surface tension!

winter blue silver nails 5

Anyway, one thing I noticed was that next to China Glaze Millennium, the Eyeko Rain Polish looks positively blue (it's actually more grey if worn by itself). I guess it's just a matter of relativity. But nevertheless, I'm absolutely loving this nail look, and I think it's so pretty and feminine. I just wish I had better nail skillz so pretty designs like that wouldn't take me so darn long!

(Born Pretty Store and Eyeko product was sent for review. All other items were bought by me. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)
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Winter Silver and Blue Half Moon Manicure With Nail Bling!
Winter Silver and Blue Half Moon Manicure With Nail Bling!
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