Spring Pink and Green Eye Look (and a tad of Aqua)

Spring isn't technically here yet, but I keep seeing all these gorgeous promo photos and ads for the upcoming Spring collections that I'm in a Springy mood - hence today's EOTD (Eye of the Day)!

I used three shades for this Spring-inspired look. The pink shade the pink from my BeautyUK Day and Night Eyeshadow Palette, the aqua shade (Blue Hawaiian) from Sleek Curacao Palette, and the deep green shade (Green Iguana) also from the Curacao Palette. The photo below shows which shades I used.

pink green eye spring shades

For this look, I was thinking of spring flowers and their leaves...pink and green. Very girly, springy, and romantic even! Like Valentine's Day came early! And I snuck in a little aqua in there because it's just such a fresh colour, you know? Also, aqua shades happen to be pretty on-trend for this spring season. I used the pink shade on my inner lid, the aqua in the middle, and the deep green on the contour and outer V area.

pink green spring eye 2

Blending and pigmentation of all the shades was good. I'm starting to think that Sleek and BeautyUK are two really value-for-money drugstore brands. I've never met a Sleek palette that sucked (then again, I don't have every single palette), and the BeautyUK palettes are pretty darn good, too.

pink green spring eye 3

I really like this look, it's really pretty and feminine, while still being really fresh looking. I'm totally thinking I could pair this eye look with China Glaze For Audrey on my nails, since both have a springy sort of aqua in them. I kind of like how the look adds a pop of colour, while still giving off an overall girly vibe. Perfect for Spring!
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Spring Pink and Green Eye Look (and a tad of Aqua)
Spring Pink and Green Eye Look (and a tad of Aqua)
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