Shiseido Spring Pink and Blue Eye On the Cheap!

Shiseido's Spring 2012 Collection has such a gorgeous promo picture. I especially loved the eye makeup - it was just so purdy, and it was blue and pink! I never thought blue and pink would work together, but Shiseido had just used only blue and pink, and it looked great!


I found myself wondering if it was possible for me to produce the same eye look, and so I did. Here are the results.

For this eye look, I used Sleek Makeup's Curacao Palette, which was launched last summer. I've reviewed the Curacao Palette before, but for this eye look, I used Singapore Sling, a shimmery pink, and Blue Lagoon, the matte blue, together. And I blended the two together. That's it.

Shiseido Spring Eye Dupe 2

I'm actually quite surprised by how quick this was to do, and how stunning the end result was. Although I have to admit, it doesn't exactly look like the promo picture (and I don't exactly look like the model - darn!), but I think it's because the Sleek colours are a bit brighter than the colours in the advertisement. Perhaps I should have chosen more muted colours to match the colours more exactly...but...the bright colours were just so pretty!

Shiseido Spring Eye Dupe 3

So there you go, my attempt at duping the Shiseido Spring 2012 eye look. I don't know how I'm feeling about it on a personal level yet (blue and pink somehow look beter in the promo picture than in real life), but it was worth a try. Would you wear pink and blue together?
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Shiseido Spring Pink and Blue Eye On the Cheap!
Shiseido Spring Pink and Blue Eye On the Cheap!
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