Haul: Daiso Nail Art Glitter Set Purple: Holo Hearts!

The other day I went to Daiso for a little bit of budget rummaging. If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen me laughing at their tiny nail polish holders, which are obviously not meant for nail polish-holics like me! Anyway, I did find something I ended up getting at Daiso - a set of nail art glitters!

I believe this is called the Glitter Set Purple (No 75). They also had them in other colours, I saw blue and yellow. But I picked the purple, because you know I have a thing for purple, right? It's my absolute favourite colour! The set comes with some diagrams and instructions. Basically the 3 jars in the set are stackable. You have to remove the lids, and screw the bases of one jar onto the top of the other jar.

Daiso nail art glitter set purple back

There are 3 pots of glitter. One is your averge fuschia glitter powder. Not bad. The next is a bunch of small light lilac stars. Also not too bad. Both are things i like and will use. But the thing I really bought this set for was the hearts. They're like, purple holographic hearts!

daiso nail art glitter set purple close

You know I love me some holo bling, so I'm going to just give you another close up shot of the purple hearts. When seen from different angles, they have this holographic sheen which is absolutely awesome! I love it, and I definitely can't wait to use it. This was also the key reason why I picked purple over the other sets - for some reason, only the purple set had holographic hearts. The hearts in the other coloured sets were just plain plastic hearts.

daiso nail art glitter set purple hearts

I paid a whopping S$2 for this set, and I'm happy. Yay for cheap goodies! Anyway, I don't know if your Daiso carries this, but if you do see it, remember to get it! Holo hearts aren't all that easy to come by cheap!
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Haul: Daiso Nail Art Glitter Set Purple: Holo Hearts!
Haul: Daiso Nail Art Glitter Set Purple: Holo Hearts!
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