Gold Christmas Nails: Orly Luxe and Starry Bling!

I'm always so excited for Christmas and the holiday season! Despite the none-too-subtle whiff of commercialization holidays have nowadays, it's always good to have a festive season to look forward too! And, Christmas is always a good excuse to bring out some nail bling! In this case, a starry starry party!

The base is Orly Luxe, from the Foil FX collection released sometime back. Over Luxe, I placed small red and green stars from the Color Club's Enchanted Holiday set. There was a packet of Holiday Gems released with the set, that had rhinestones and stars in all the festive shades. I chose the ring finger as the accent finger, so I loaded it up with a little more bling.

christmas nails gold orly luxe 1

Orly Luxe is probably my mostest favouritest gold polish ever, and I've totally raved about Luxe before. And the Color Club stars are so adorable! I also thought they were of pretty good quality. Some rhinestones and stars I've used before are kinda flimsy, and sometimes the colour bleeds onto the polish or gets smeared by the topcoat, but these don't. To place them on the nail, I used the wet toothpick trick - I basically dip the tip of a toothpick in water to dampen it, and the stars will stick to the wet tip of the toothpick until you place them on the nail. A very nifty and easy to use tip!

christmas nails gold orly luxe 2

Yep, I definitely love my nails - they're Christmassy, and, they're blingy! Perfect for the holidays! Sadly, I couldn't actually wear this for long - I took it off as soon as the weekend ended, because I had to go back to work, and I didn't think my bosses or clients would appreciate green and red stars on my nails, despite the season. :( Perhaps for Christmas, I could write to the North Pole and ask Santa to make my office more naill-bling-friendly, LOL! :P
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Gold Christmas Nails: Orly Luxe and Starry Bling!
Gold Christmas Nails: Orly Luxe and Starry Bling!
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