Essie Set in Stones Dupe? Maybelline Silver Spells

Essie's Luxeffects Collection consists of four glittery polishes that are meant for topcoating and layering over a manicure. Since I absolutely love glitter on my nails, I was totally ogling this collection! I mean, just imagine all the layering possibilities! I was drooling over swatches, when the swatches of Set in Stone caught my eye. I thought, "Hey! That looks familiar! I think I may have a dupe!"

So I dug out my suspected Set in Stones dupe - Maybelline Silver Spells, a really old, discontinued polish. Maybelline's Silver Spells may be old, but it is still pretty awesome. Like Essie Set in Stones, it consists of variously-sized silver glitter in a clear base. The glitter comes in two shapes - a small square glitter, and large hexagonal glitter. And like Essie's Set in Stones, Silver Spells is very densely packed with glitter.

maybelline silver spells bottle

I felt inspired to use Silver Spells for a mani, so here it is! I used Silver Spells over another polish I love, Nails Inc Paddington Street, a deep burgundy creme base. If it looks a little familiar, it's because I've used Nails Inc Paddington Street in a previous mani before. A simple coat of Silver Spells, and my mani is totally jazzed up!

I'm not sure if Maybelline Silver Spells is a total dupe for Essie Set in Stones, but I do think they may be quite similar. Because the glitter in Maybelline Silver Spells is so densely packed, some dabbing is required to even out the glitter a little bit more, otherwise it tends to pool and clump up on your nails. But it's so worth the effort, though!

maybelline silver spells nails inc paddington street

I'm really loving this mani - it's so glittery and blingy and festive. Although it's not quite a Christmas mani, I think it kind of suits the season, with the deep red base and the truckloads of glitter. I can't help it, but I always associate glitter with the holidays!

maybelline silver spells nails inc paddington street 2

I'm not certain if Essie's Set in Stones is really a 100% dupe to Maybelline Silver Spells, but having Silver Spells has really killed my lemming for Set in Stones. That's one polish I can remove from my infinite list of polish lemmings! Now, to find drugstore dupes for the other 23856283 polishes on my list...
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Essie Set in Stones Dupe? Maybelline Silver Spells
Essie Set in Stones Dupe? Maybelline Silver Spells
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