Simple Gold Glitter Gradient Christmas Nails

Since my nail beds were actually looking nice and pink and unstained for once, (I wish I could say that my nails were just that fabulous, but the reality is that I don't wear much nail polish at work anymore. Sigh.) I thought, why not do a mani to show them off? So I decided to do a gradient mani with - you guessed it - some bling!

I used Etude House Lucidarling Fantastic Nails in 04 Sequin Crystal Gold for the glitter gradient, but to add a little more pizzaz I also added a little bit of Maybelline Silver Spells for the big round glitter bits. For the base, I used Rimmel French Rose, which is a sheer light milky pink meant for French manicures.

I've blogged about the Etude House polish before, and back then I said it was pretty awesome, and one year on, I still think it is! It's a mix of small gold glitter and larger round holo glitter in a clear base, and so pretty. Silver Spells is such an awesome polish, consisting of very dense, big chunky pieces of hexagonal glitter in a clear base as well as tiny silver glitter - perfect for layering.

christmas gold gradient glitter nails 2

I didn't have much issue with Etude House Sequin Crystal Gold, and it more or less applies quite normally, although some dabbing was needed to even out the glitter. Maybelline Silver Spells definitely needed dabbing to prevent the glitter from clustering together. So basically this mani was quite idiot-proof - it was really more dabbing than painting! The painting bit came in right at the end, where I painted my nails with Rimmel French Rose.

christmas gold gradient glitter nails 3

I'm not sure if these nails really count as Christmas nails (I mean, there isn't any red or green!) but I do feel that the gold glitter really gives the mani a festive vibe. I like this mani - it's simple, wearable, and easy to do. Perhaps ideal if I want an understated holiday mani, I guess!
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Simple Gold Glitter Gradient Christmas Nails
Simple Gold Glitter Gradient Christmas Nails
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