Revlon Age Defying DNA Cream Makeup Swatches

Revlon has been making waves with it's Age Defying DNA Cream Makeup, which is a foundation that claims to have anti-aging ingredients, which will slow down and reverse the aging process with prolonged use. I don't know about you, but to my skeptical mind (really? A foundation can reverse aging?) this is probably the best excercise in marketing I've seen. Everything, from the bottle to the helix-shaped container to the copywriting smells like a huge marketing stunt to me. I should so forward their ads to the professors who taught me my marketing classes back in University. I'm sure they could use it as a case study for their classes, LOL!

Anyway, I can't be commenting on the effectiveness of the product, but I can provide you with some swatches. The first thing I noticed when swatching these is that they oxidize really fast on my arm, and when they oxidized they became slightly darker than they appeared in the bottle. It's not a huge difference, but it was one thing I noticed. I couldn't swatch all the colours (only 4 are available in this part of the world, anyway), so here's what I could get.

10 Bare Buff is a light beige, slightly lighter and pinker than my NC20 skin, although it oxidizes to look slightly closer to my shade.
15 Tender Beige would be about the right shade for me, although I think in all honesty I'm somewhere in between Bare Buff and Tender Beige.
35 Honey Beige is a tan beige that leans warm.

Another thing I noticed when swatching these is that all the shades have microshimmer. While the shimmer is quite tiny and individual particles aren't visible to the naked eye, the amount of shimmer inside ends up giving a somewhat shiny effect to the foundation. You can see this in the swatch photos, where the foundation looks kind of "wet". That's the microglitter shiny-ing up the foundation, which may be a plus or a minus, depending on the finish desired.
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Revlon Age Defying DNA Cream Makeup Swatches
Revlon Age Defying DNA Cream Makeup Swatches
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