Lunasol Shiny Gold EX33: Why I No Haz?!

Isn't it frustrating when you see a polish you like, and want to buy, but just when you decide to part with your hard-earned money, find out it's OUT OF STOCK? That just happened to me the other week!

Anyway, Lunasol Nail Finish Polish in Shiny Gold EX33 is part of the Lunasol Fall/Winter collection. I hope it's not that dreaded Limited Edition, because I still want it! (Knowing my luck, though, I'm pretty sure it is.)

Here's a finger swatch of the shade. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? It's a sheer off-white base with varying sizes of gold glitter. The colour is light enough to be pretty and feminine, but the glitter gives it an edge that really brings the shade to the next level. And it's opaque in two coats!

Anyway, if anyone still sees bottles of these lying around, quick, let me know! Or if anyone can suggest a dupe for this, let me know too! Or even frankening suggestions? (Although I don't generally franken my polish - I tried it once and it was a fail.) Man, I hate it when I cannot get my hands on a lemming.
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Lunasol Shiny Gold EX33: Why I No Haz?!
Lunasol Shiny Gold EX33: Why I No Haz?!
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