Viva La Nails 3-Day 25% Off Sale!

Just a heads up for those interested, Viva La Nails, the online Europe-based retailer of nail art products, is having a 25% off sale for 3 days! This discount applies to ALL the products in their store, and you need to use the code BLACK to get the 25% off discount. They sell a huge range of really cool stuff, including nail stickers, rhinestones, fimo canes, decals, and so on, so if you're itching to stock up on more, why not check it out?

I've had pretty good experiences with Viva La Nails so far, and I've previously gotten stuff from them without delay, and I've also previously done a grey and black nail art with their products that actually turned out pretty nice.

(I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)
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Viva La Nails 3-Day 25% Off Sale!
Viva La Nails 3-Day 25% Off Sale!
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