Sleek Lagoon Eyeshadow Palette: Aqua Collection

Sleek Makeup has put out yet another awesomely cool collection, the Aqua Collection, and with it comes another i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette, the Lagoon Eyeshadow Palette. And as the name suggests, this is a palette comprised of aquatic shades of blue and green, with dashes of compmlementary purple and neutrals, along with a couple of bright shades to spice up the entire palette. Take a look!

I don't know about you, but this colour palette is definitely evocative of the poolside for me! The watery shades, contrasted with a couple of brights, reminds me of summery weekends by the poolside - a hot day, but a cool pool. Even the box is pretty cool and aquatic looking. Loves it!

sleek aqua collection palette box

The colour names for each individual shade are listed along with the box. The white shade is Oyster (in keeping with the aquatic theme). Some of the names are super cute - Sassea and Ariel are my favourite shade names.

sleek aqua collection palette shade names

And, for your viewing pleasure, a close-up of the Sleek Lagoon Palette, without the reflective plastic sheet of names to obstruct your view! One thing I gotta say - I'm absolutely loving the mix of colours. These are what I'd call "wearable brights" - sure they're bright shades, but at the same time the colour palette is more cool and laid-back, instead of being all screaming neon (not that Sleek hasn't done that before). So these are shades that add a pop of colour to your eye look, without being too loud.

sleek aqua collection palette shades

And of course, how could we do without swatches! Along with my (hopefully) helpful commentary on the shades. As always, the pigmentation was very good on the Lagoon Eyeshadow Palettes (as it is for most Sleek Makeup palettes I've tried), and the texture is good - the mattes are always a little harder than the shimmers, but they are not too hard or unblendable.

sleek aqua collection palette swatches

Sassea is a lovely midtone aqua shade, equal parts blue and green. It has gold shimmer in it, which I love.
Deep Water is a deep, matte grape purple.
Reflection is a pale shimmery purple lilac - isn't it cute that the Deep Water shade is dark purple, and the Reflection shade is light purple?
Emerald is a emerald green - not quite the really bright, jewel-toned green of an emerald, but a slightly faded out version, a little more blue and lighter. Like an emerald under water, I guess.
Oyster - as the name suggests, this is a off-white shade. Like the inside of an oyster shell.
Black Pearl. Plain ol' black with some shimmer.
Pink Jewel is a pinky-magenta shade with gold shimmer. Pretty.
Sand Dollar looked like a bright-ish yellow in the pan, but on me it applies a lot more like a neutral gold shade. As you can see from my swatche, this shade blended in quite nicely with my skin. I like it - it didn't look brassy or orangey on me as some golds do.
Underworld is a midtone blue with some green thrown in, also with gold shimmer. It's more blue than Sassea, though.
Sea Shell - ooh, another pretty neutral. This one is the lightened colour of a copper penny. I'm not sure I've actually seen sea shells in this shade though (I sure wish I had!).
Night Sky. Pretty dusky purple. Not too dark, though, more like the sky when the sun is starting to set, and you get that awesome orange/red/purple sky colour.
Ariel is a pretty shade that I think could be used as a blush too, not just an eyeshadow! I'm guessing they were thinking of Ariel's hair, but this isn't quite as simple as just red. It's actually a little more of a coral shade, and very pretty too.

Although most of the shades look cool-toned at first glance, this palette would work for girls with warm undertones too, as there are enough neutrals and shades that would look good on both warm and cool-toned people to make this work. So if blues and greens and purples are your kind of eyeshadow colours, this would be perfect for you.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)
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Sleek Lagoon Eyeshadow Palette: Aqua Collection
Sleek Lagoon Eyeshadow Palette: Aqua Collection
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