Sleek Showstoppers Palette: Swatches and Review

Yes it is indeed another Sleek Makeup Palette! I love their palettes, so this is a welcome addition to my growing collection of Sleek palettes! This time, the palette is the Showstoppers Palette, and it is indeed an apt homage to all the stunning palettes the UK-based drugstore brand has put out.

The palette is perhaps one of my favourites so far, in terms of colour selection. While some of the earlier Sleek Makeup palettes tended to be rather one-note (e.g. all brights, all neutrals, or almost all dark shades, and so on), I do think Sleek Makeup has gotten better at curating the colours of the palettes they put out. This is definitely a good palette, with multiple colour bases covered - there's everything from sultry purples to lovely browns, to stormy, smokey blues and greys, and even a couple of rust-inspired reddish brown and coral shades. There are also highlight and lid shades to complete the palette. There aren't any neon shades, so excepting that colour family, I think we're mostly covered here.

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Sleek Showstoppers Palette: Swatches and Review
Sleek Showstoppers Palette: Swatches and Review
Reviewed by sayna tasya
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Rating : 4.5