Olympic-Inspired Eye Look: Gold, Silver, Bronze

So, I've been following the Olympics (who hasn't, right), and I just felt inspired by all the atheletes and the action to do a quick Olympic-inspired eye look! I just decided to go the easy way out and use gold, silver and bronze. Just like the mdeals!


After looking at a few photos of the medals (above), I realized the medals were actually rather dull in colour. Not that the medals themselves are dull, but a lot of the metallic shades I originally thought of using were not quite the same shade as the medals - they were either too flashy-looking, too shimmery, or too orangey, or so on. So I ended up rummaging through my stash to find colours that were similar.

So in the end I used Urban Decay's Maui Wowie for the gold, and the silver and bronze were from the Sleek Glory Palette that I blogged about sometime back. The shades I used were Bakerloo and Jubilee.

olympics inspied eye look 1

My plan was to put Maui Wowie on the outer lid, Jubilee (silver) on the inner lid, really just at the inner corner, and Bakerloo (bronze) on the contour area. That was the theory anyway. In reality, I think the gold and bronze colours got kinda muddied up together, so you can't really see the contrast :( But there are too different colours there, I swear!

olympics inspired eye look 3

But anyway, that's my way of getting some of the Olympic Games fever out of my system! Is anyone else following the Games? What are your favourite sports?
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Olympic-Inspired Eye Look: Gold, Silver, Bronze
Olympic-Inspired Eye Look: Gold, Silver, Bronze
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