China Glaze DV8: Teal Holo Awesomeness!

I'm totally into to holos whenever the sun is out. It's been pretty hot and sunny lately (even by Singaporean standards!) so I've been holo-ing my nails out!

This one here is China Glaze DV8, from from the highly sought after OMG Collection sometime back. These were one of the first few all-holo collections to be released back then, so everyone went gaga for those. I bought it a couple of years back, and as usual, it just kind of languished in my stash for awhile before I finally brought it out!

china glaze dv8 4

And no wonder! DV8 is a gorgeous, beautiful teal holo that is lovely. First, I have a thing for teals - I feel like the colour is just universally flattering on most skintones, and secondly, it's HOLOGRAPHIC baby! I love the holo, it's more linear than scattered, which is to my preference.

china glaze dv8 1

Like most holos, this one was a tad tricky to apply, and also a tad chippy (holos tend to chip on me within 2-3 days). However, it just sparkles and twinkles and catches the eye so much, whatever hassle I have to go through is absolutely worth it!

china glaze dv8 3

It's also hard to photograph, and believe me, I tried it many ways - shaded sunlight, direct sunlight, even indoors light, but it's so hard to get a photo of. So I apologize, but these photos just aren't capable of conveying holo awesomesauce.

china glaze dv8 2

I gotta say, China Glaze DV8 is superb - like a glittering teal gem on my nails! Anyone else has a thing for holos?
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China Glaze DV8: Teal Holo Awesomeness!
China Glaze DV8: Teal Holo Awesomeness!
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