Strawberry Inspired Red, Yellow Green Eye Look

I love strawberries, and it's strawberry season! So I decided to do an eye look using strawberry colours. Here's how the look turned out.

The eye look was really just three colours - red, yellow, and green, all the colours I associate with strawberries. It was a simple enough eye look to achieve - red on the inner lid, yellow on the middle lid, and green in the contour area.

strawberry eye look 1

I can't remember what colours I used, but chances are, they are probably from my Sleek palettes. Usually if I do a bright look, I tend to reach for my Sleek palettes, that's how good they are. Come to think of it, I can't remember what mascara I used either, much to my chagrin - that was one of the few mascaras that didn't look clumpy on me. Rats. The eyeliner was my trusty Stila Jade Smudge Pot.

strawberry eye look 2

All in all, I really liked this look. It's too abstract to really look like a strawberry, of course, but I like how fun and happy it looks. I probably wouldn't think of a colour combination like that myself, but I gotta say, the colour schemes and pairings found in nature are so pretty!
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Strawberry Inspired Red, Yellow Green Eye Look
Strawberry Inspired Red, Yellow Green Eye Look
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