Everyday Neutral Brown Eye Look

Here's a quick post for today, on a quick and easy neutral eye look, with brown eyeshadow. No waxing lyrical about themes or inspiration, this was really just an everyday look.

Nothing much to say here, except that it's basic, boring brown. I used two browns, an antique gold brown for the lid area and a deeper brown for the contour, and blended them out. And viola - a simple look I could wear out.

neutral brown eye look 2

I don't know why all the neutral looks I do look so blah online. Perhaps its because compared to all the bright looks, which seem so vibrant on-screen, a look full of browns just looks so tame and muddy by comparison. I feel like all these neutrals look better in person than in photo, somehow.

neutral brown eye look 3

Anyway, that's it for today. Short and sweet!
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Everyday Neutral Brown Eye Look
Everyday Neutral Brown Eye Look
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