MUFE Aqua Liners Swatches Part 1 of 2

MUFE Aqua Liners are part of the MUFE Aqua range, and these were created with underwater ballerinas in mind, to give them makeup that they could go swimming in. Thus, the MUFE Aqua range (Aqua Liners, Aqua Creams, etc) are supposed to be waterproof, budgeproof, and sweat proof. I can totally attest to the efficacy of these - they were super hard to remove once they were on my arm.

There are 15 shades altogether, each with a name and number. These are the 8 shades I've swatched today for you guys.

mufe aqua liners part 1

And here they are swatched!

mufe aqua liners swatch 1

1 Diamond Gold is a nice metallic yellow gold.
3 Iridescent Emerald Green doesn't look emerald to me at all, but kinda olive-ish. Very nice and a universal shade though.
4 Diamond Lagoon Green - OMG turquoise eyeliner! Hot hot hot. And this one is nice and metallic and bright, but not neon-loud, if you know what I mean.
5 Diamond Turqouise Blue - wait this isn't turquoise to me. I'd call this bright, bright sky blue with a metallic finish.
6 Iridescent Navy Blue is a nice metallic deep blue. Pretty.
7 Diamond Black Purple is a deepened metallic purple. This is a great alternative to black, if you want something with colour but also something that retains the intensity of black.
8 Iridescent Electric Purple is a nice metallic violet purple. I actually think this is quite wearable.
9 Iridescent Fuschia - holy hot pink! That's all I can say.
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MUFE Aqua Liners Swatches Part 1 of 2
MUFE Aqua Liners Swatches Part 1 of 2
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