Face Steamer Review: The Pros, Cons, and Science of Face Steaming

As part of the Singapore Blog Awards, I was given a loan set of a bunch of Panasonic beauty products, including the Panasonic Face Steamer EH-SA31, for review. (Which reminds me - if you guys want to vote for me, you can do so here! Once a day! Every day! Until July 6!) Anyway, turns out that I also received the same Panasonic Face Steamer to review last year, so this year, instead of rehashing an old post, I'm going to talk more about the science of face steaming, which I didn't get to do in last year's entry. So, don't worry, this is not a rehash of last year's post - in fact, you'll find there is a lot that is different here!

For this review, I'll first start off with a short recap of my experience with the Panasonic Face Steamer EH-SA31 VP, and then go into what the science says about face steaming - does it really work? Is there any benefit in it? If so, what is the benefit? And is all that marketing spiel about detoxing your skin and letting you sweat all your toxins out true?

The thing about science-based posts is that as you might guess, the science isn't unanimously in favour of, or against, steaming your skin. There's some studies indicating that there could be a benefit, but of course there are some cons as well. I'm told that the "Best Beauty Blog" this year is apparently chosen by Panasonic company reps (I think?) based on these blogposts. I'm pretty sure my post, which isn't going to be all raving and "OMG THIS IS SUPER FANTASTIC IT'S THE BEST EVERYONE SHOULD USE IT", may not exactly be the desired type of post some people were hoping for. But the science says what it says, and I'm just reporting on what I've found - I'm not the one conducting the experiments, and I always believe in looking up the science and reporting on it in as unbiased a manner as I can, and that's not going to change. Also, I don't think I should blog any differently just because a post has a different context to it (in this case, the Blog Awards).

So, at the risk of annoying the very people who loaned me this product for review ("OMGZ people sent you this product for review and are using these posts as the basis for choosing a "Best Beauty Blog" and you're not going to be totally 100% positive? What's wrong with you?"), let's get this post going!
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Face Steamer Review: The Pros, Cons, and Science of Face Steaming
Face Steamer Review: The Pros, Cons, and Science of Face Steaming
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