Gold and Green Leopard Print Nails

Look at my nails! I don't konad often, but I was inspired by the colours of green and gold. And I have leopard print nails!

I used my favourite konad plate of all time, M57, for this KOTD (konad of the day). For the base, I used China Glaze Westside Warrior (which has made a brief appearance on my blog before, and for the gold, I used my favourite gold of all time, Orly Luxe (also featured on the blog before, not once, but twice).

green gold leopard nails 2

I rather like this, it has a very safari-like feel. I'm also actually thinking this colour combination would make a great eye look - in fact, I have done a gold and green eye look before.

green gold leopard nails 3

So there you have it, my nail look of the moment! What are your nails like right now?
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Gold and Green Leopard Print Nails
Gold and Green Leopard Print Nails
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