MUFE Aqua Cream Swatches: Part 1 of 2

MUFE is one of those makeup brands that seem to do no wrong - everything the brand puts out seems to be a winner, from foundation, to blushes (both liquid and powder), to eyeshadows, to eyeliners, and the list goes on. Seriously, is there a product in the line that is horrible?

Anyway, one of their much-raved-about products is their Aqua Creams. Basically, the MUFE Aqua Creams are little plastic pots of cream colour, and you can use them on eyes, lips, face, or however else you want (do note, some shades are only eye or lip safe - best to check before use). Most people use them as cream eyeshadows or blushes.

I have to say, these are massively pigmented - I only need a few swipes for each strip of colour. And, these also really, really, stay on. I had to end up doing a proper cleaning with makeup remover to remove these, wiping, even with a wet tissue, just wasn't doing the trick.

21 Turquoise is a bright, jewelled turquoise blue. Very pretty, if you like bright, tropical shades.
02 Steel isn't actually steel (which to me would be a gunmetal grey type shade), but a lovely, gorgeous taupe with hints of purple and brown. If you're a taupe fan, you need this already.
04 Snow is a shimmery white. Simple and basic.
01 Anthracite is a shimmer black.
15 Taupe isn't really taupe (to me that would really be 02 Steel), but it is a very pretty shade of medium neutral brown. I like it, I just don't think it's taupe.
05 Peach is a pinky-peach shade. I think this is one of those shades that would be really pretty as a blush.
12 Golden Copper is a orangey copper shade. Very warm-toned, and very metallic looking.

These aren't cheap, but a pot is generously-sized, and would probably last for quite awhile. If you see a colour you like, they're worth checking out.
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MUFE Aqua Cream Swatches: Part 1 of 2
MUFE Aqua Cream Swatches: Part 1 of 2
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