China Glaze Prismatic Collection Swatches: Ray-diant

Remember when I last swatched some polishes from the China Glaze Prismatic Collection, I was raving about how much I loved them. Well, I loved them so much that I ended up buying yet another colour from the collection! And it wouldn't be nice if I didn't show off this latest acquisition too, right?

So here you are! This one I bought was China Glaze Ray-diant. Isn't it so pretty? Like the rest of the Prismatic Collection, Ray-diant isn't holographic, although from the official press releases put out by the company, I thought it would be initially. Nevertheless, it sure is cool. It consists of variously-sized and coloured glitter in a sheer tinted base, much like the rest of the Prismatics.

Ray-diant has a green-gold duochrome base that is very pretty to look at. There are big round bits of glitter in various colours, including silver, gold, blue and pink, as well as smaller silver speckles of glitter. This combination looks so pretty in the bottle - it's like a duochrome-y glitter rainbow in there!

china glaze ray diant bottle

On the nail, the duochrome is less obvious, but it's still there. I swatched some of the nails over black, just so you can get an idea of what it looks like layered over a dark colour. These are about three coats each, and I think that the glitter is dense enough for you to get opacity with three coats. The glitter adds such a burst of lovely colour, doesn't it?

china glaze ray diant swatch

L - R: China Glaze Ray-diant alone, Ray-diant over black, Ray-diant alone, Ray-diant over black

I'm so glad I bought these - if I'm not wrong, the Prismatic Collection shades are limited edition (gasp! The dreaded LE acronym!), so I wanted to get as many colours as possible. Like the other Prismatic Collection shades, Ray-diant is a pretty burst of glitter in a buildable duochrome shade, and is perfect either alone, or layered, or - if you are like me - just a fan of glitter. I can't wait to play around with these a little more to see what they can do!
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China Glaze Prismatic Collection Swatches: Ray-diant
China Glaze Prismatic Collection Swatches: Ray-diant
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