Loveybelle Brushes Review: Eclipse Brush Set

LoveyBelle is a Singaporean brand of makeup brushes, and since I've been away from my blog while I was travelling and just generally busy at work, I figure, I'd better get around to reviewing this huge set of brushes, and clearing my "to review" pile a little! These are all part of the Eclipse Brush set, except the odd brush with the wooden handle rather than the black ones - that's also a LoveyBelle brush but not part of the set. It just made its way into the photos. Oops!

Loveybelle Eclipse Brush Set: 12 brushes to cover all your brush needs!

So all that (sans one brush) is part of a single set. You get a whole bunch of brushes (and Loveybelle is kind enough to list out each brush as well as bristle type) for all your brush needs. Seriously. There are face brushes, eye brushes, lip brushes, lining brushes, buffing and blending brushes...I think Loveybelle has pretty much covered it all. The set has 6 eye brushes and 6 face ones. Let's take a further look!
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Loveybelle Brushes Review: Eclipse Brush Set
Loveybelle Brushes Review: Eclipse Brush Set
Reviewed by sayna tasya
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Rating : 4.5