Chanel Le Blush Cream De Chanel Swatches

I recently gave Chanel's cream blush, Le Blush Cream De Chanel, at a Chanel counter one day, and I just had to swatch these babies for you. While, as you might know, I do have quite the collection of cream blush, I've tended to stick closely to my favourite three brands (which are still unchanged from this Formspring question from long, long ago), Stila, Bobbi Brown, and, to a lesser extent, Becca. So I came to the Chanel counter kind of expecting the Le Blush Cream de Chanel to be the same.

Instead, I found that these were really different, both in terms of texture and application. The Chanel cream blushes are lighter than the Stila, Bobbi Brown or Becca, and less "oily" feeling. They feel a bit more dry and less sticky, if you will. My guess on why this is so would be that the Le Blush Cream De Chanel seems quite heavily formulated with silicones or polymers with similar silicone-y feel, so they do have a nice skinfeel and a very light texture with good slip. This means that they feel lighter and less weighty than the Bobbi Brown or Stila blushes. Comparatively, the Bobbi Brown and Stila cream blushes feel a little more like traditional cream blushes, i.e. kind of like lipstick. I suppose which brand you prefer would depend on your personal texture preferences. I'm loyal to my Stila, Bobbi Brown, and Becca, and the heavier texture has never caused any application problems for me, but I couldn't help but drool over the Chanels, too.

Le Blush Cream De Chanel Swatches

Above are my swatches. If you want to see my commentary on the individual shades, feel free to read on!Continue Reading . . .
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Chanel Le Blush Cream De Chanel Swatches
Chanel Le Blush Cream De Chanel Swatches
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