MUFE Holodiam Swatches Holiday 2012

MUFE's Holodiam Collection, released for the Holiday season, hit all the right notes - the collection is fun, festive, and pretty unique too. No surprise it's getting so much buzz already.

The key selling point of the Holodiam Powder is that it has micro pearlescent glitter that reflects three colours. The effect is a chameleon-like colour shifting effect on your eyes - almost like having a multichrome effect. Just look at the powders in their little containers!

The Holodiam Powders come in four shades, so you can bling and dazzle your way through the holiday in multiple shades. During the demonstration on a model, we saw how varied the uses for the Holodiam Powders were, especially the white one. They were used on her lips, cheeks, even the body, making them truly multi-purpose!

You can also use multiple colours together for a really multichromal effect. Just look at the photo of the model below. Her eye makeup is totally awesome, and it is just the Holodiam Powders over a black cream base! OMG, right? Totally awesome! (She actually had a different eye look on each eye, but it's a little hard to see from this angle.)

mufe holodiam powder demo

There are four shades with the initial release (I certainly hope they will come out with more!), and each of these shades are lovely. You can see the colours and how blingy they are. I'm sorry my camera couldn't capture totally how duochrome-y these are. They are indeed fabulous and my photos just don't do these justice. Each of these colours are swatched twice, once lightly dry, and once more heavily but wet.

mufe holodiam powder swatches indoor yellow

I felt like the shades above had lighting that didn't really show the difference between 301 and 302 properly, so I took another shot in white lighting instead. Here they are - once again, my camera doesn't capture duochrome well. By the way, as you can tell from my swatches, these are pretty prone to fall-out. I had a glitterfest on my arms after swatching! If you are using these, I suggest using them with a primer or a fixing medium.

mufe holodiam powder white light

Here are the colour descriptions, with my comments:

301: Copper with pink, orange and yellow highlights. For me, this was a very orangey colour due to the mix of orange highlights and a copper base. I think it would look stunning on lips and cheeks too.

302 Plum with turquoise, violet and pink highlights. A gorgeous, unique colour - it kinda reminds me of Orly Galaxy Girl nail polish, but in powder form!

303 White with gold, green and blue highlights. Your universal white highlighter, now with added zing! This is going to be a popular shade, and very festive too.

304 Brown Gold with yellow, green and blue highlights. This is a little orangey on me, but would look fab for anyone going for a bronzey look.
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MUFE Holodiam Swatches Holiday 2012
MUFE Holodiam Swatches Holiday 2012
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