Ozotic Beam 905: Welcome to Rainbow Glitter Paradise!

Sooo today I have Ozotic Beam 905 nail polish, and it is a totally awesmoe rainbow glitterbomb - but in a good way! It's essentially small tiny rainbow microglitter in a clear base. As such, it's rather sheer, but that makes it great for layering!

I've tried it out with a range of colours, and the conclusion I've come to is that it really looks better over darker shades than lighter ones. Although if you wear it over lighter ones, it's cool too! But just so you know what I mean, here it is over the ever-classic black:

Whoa mama, take a look at that! It's over a plain ol' black creme, so all that princess-glitter-tiara-sparkliness you see is all due to Beam 905. The glitter in there is slightly glass-flecked and multicoloured - I see a range of colours, including blue, green, gold (I think), and others...it's kinda hard to say. The colour shifts a little depending on how the light hits your nails.

But of course you're not going to layer it over just black, so I've swatched it over a bunch of other shades (mostly dark shades) for you to see. I've also done white, just so you get an idea of how it looks over a lighter shade (and now you see why I said it looks better over darker shades, right?):

ozotic beam 905 swatches

These are swatches over white, green, blue, and red. I personally like it best over blue or blue-based colours (e.g. purple, navy, etc), but I guess it would really look kickass over anything! I think it would also be great as a French Manicure topper, just to add a little more interest to the look.

Application was good - the polish has a slightly thicker consistency, on par with other glitter-suspended type polishes. I really have no complaints - the glitter density is good, the brush shape and size were just right. Me likey. This is my first Ozotic, and if all Ozotics are like this, I think I'd add the brand to my "worth spending money on" list!

You can buy Ozotic polish from Star Trinkets and of course the Picture Polish site.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)
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Ozotic Beam 905: Welcome to Rainbow Glitter Paradise!
Ozotic Beam 905: Welcome to Rainbow Glitter Paradise!
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