Homemade Natural Face Scrub Recipe: DIY Skincare!

Guess what guys? I learnt how to make my own DIY face scrub! I actually learnt it at the Bellabox bloggers event recently, and I was so excited, I had to share it with everyone! The following recipe was kindly shared by Petronille Houdart, the founder and the brains behind Petronille, a French brand with very good skincare. She actually formulated Petronille's products (I have one I want to share with you soon), and is extremely knowledgeable about her ingredients, products and everything!

Don't believe me? Look at what I made under her direction!

Here is the recipe she shared:

For 30g of Scrub:

1. Your choice of:
Himalayan Salt: 1.5 cup*, or
Brown Sugar: 1.5 cup*

2. Your choice of:
Sweet Almond Oil: 1 cup*, or
Olive Oil: 1 cup*

3. Your choice of:
Multiflower Honey: 1 tsp, or
Coconut: 1 tsp, (ours was ground into powder) or
Cacao: 1 tsp (what we used was also ground into powder)

4. Your choice of:
Tea Tree Essential Oil: 2 drops, or
Ginger Essential Oil: 2 drops

*These aren't actual cooking cups. Because we were only making 30g of scrub, we used much smaller little bowl-like cups, sort of like those you use for jello shots? Sort of like this:

(Image source)

To start off, we cleaned the insides of our little containers with 70% rubbing alcohol to sanitize the containers. Then we began mixing the ingredients in the order as shown above: first the choice of salt/sugar, then the oil, then the honey/coconut/cacao, then the essential oil (not strictly necessary for the scrub, it's more for fragrance), mixing well after each step. To mix, we used simple wooden coffee stirrers.

To me, it seemed like the key to this was getting the right proportion of salt/sugar and oil. Too much salt/sugar and the scrub would be pretty dry, and too much oil and the scrub would be too liquid-y. Using that container of ours, we filled it up to about 3/4 full with the salt/sugar, and then added the oil until the container was pretty much full. And then we stirred and stirred to get the two to mix.

Here's a shot of the bottle of scrub I made close up so you can see the scrub texture. Although there a lot of solid grains in there, they're well mixed up in the oil.

homemade face scrub diy 2

The mixture will last about 2 months or so. According to Petronille, although there are no preservatives added, it will not go bad, because there is no water (everything is oil and other solids). She also added that it would make a great gift, if you ever do it yourself, because it's cheap, yet a very thoughtful idea, and I have to agree - if you've got a friend who's a skincare nut, this would be a perfect gift!

And there you have it - the most awesome thing I've learnt with regards to DIY skincare so far! (Thanks Petronille!) If anyone gets to try out the recipe at home, let me know your thoughts!
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Homemade Natural Face Scrub Recipe: DIY Skincare!
Homemade Natural Face Scrub Recipe: DIY Skincare!
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