My $1 Version of Revlon Runway Pearl: Sally Hansen Platinum

Recently, there's been a lot of hype over Revlon Runway Pearl, as it's one of the newer Revlon polishes to be released. When I saw it in Walgreens while I was on holiday, I was intrigued by it, but in the end I didn't bother, since it seemed like just another frosty ol' white, although with an interesting pink flash in the colour.

Next thing you know, I'm walking past the Dollar Tree, and lo and behold, I see this little baby. And although it, too, also looks like just another frosty ol' white with a pink flash, hey, I guess for a dollar, I could just buy it first, and rationalize later, right?

sally hansen platinum bottle

So here you go. Picture spam! I suppose it's what I expected to be, nothing more, nothing less. That is, sheer frosty-ish white with a pink flash. And as such, it's just an okay-ish kind of manicure. This here is three coats, and it's pretty opaque at three.

sally hansen platinum 1

I suppose I wouldn't have bought this if I hadn't caught sight of Revlon Runway Pearl first. I don't know how the psychology goes, but I suppose it's the equivalent of seeing a more branded product (say, Jergens Hand Lotion), feeling like maybe you want it, and then seeing right next to it is the Walgreens own brand version of the same hand lotion. I don't know about you, but I end up going for the Walgreens sometimes. Human psychology, I guess...

Anyway, this isn't a bad colour. It looks very light, clean and pearly on my nails. And I think the pink reflects make it a tad more interesting, too. I tried getting more photos of the colour to show you the tinge of pink reflect, but I couldn't really get it on my camera.

sally hansen platinum 3

Although this isn't really a colour I'd wear typically, I don't mind, it's a good palate cleanser once in awhile. And for a dollar, I can't complain. And although it required three coats, it applied well and wasn't streaky or anything weird.

sally hansen platinum 4

For me, this is good, it helped me to squash my half-hearted lemming for Revlon Runway Pearl. What about you? Do you like these types of pale, pearly shades, or are they just not your cup of tea?
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My $1 Version of Revlon Runway Pearl: Sally Hansen Platinum
My $1 Version of Revlon Runway Pearl: Sally Hansen Platinum
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