Stuff I do when Bored: Pink and Blue Lips!

Sometimes I get bored and do really dumb things, just because. This post is one of those times. After attempting my pink and blue eye look a la Shiseido Spring, I thought - why not do a pink and blue lip? It also didn't help that at around the same time, Nicki Minaj released her new video for her latest single "Stupid Hoe" - you know, the one that goes "You a Stupid Hoe, You a, You a, Stupid Hoe" (man, music these days...). And she was sporting pink lips, and blue lips, although not quite at the same time. A bunch of stillframes from the video are below, just so you know what I'm talking about:


So I thought, why not learn from a rap star and a makeup promo image, and try something crazy? And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the result of my crazy moment. To make this look, I used my Sleek Pout Paints. The pink was a bunch of shades I mixed together (I used Peachy Keen, Pin Up, Mauve Over, Cloud 9), while the blue was just Peek-a-Bloo straight out of the tube.

two-toned blue pink lips 1

After painting my lips in this ridiculous fashion, my next thought was: Oh well, since I already did it, why not just record it for posterity? (Who knows why I did that. Maybe I want to embarrass my future self. Or maybe it was just fun.)

two toned blue pink lips 2

Suffice it to say, I would never ever wear something like that out, and unless you have a reason to, I doubt anyone would really do this either. This was just something fun I thought I'd do, since I've already used the Pout Paints to mix up a bunch of serious shades (the warm rose lip, the coral lip, the mauve rose lip, and the purple lip). So there you are - a bored moment, and lots of fun. Enjoy, if you can.

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Stuff I do when Bored: Pink and Blue Lips!
Stuff I do when Bored: Pink and Blue Lips!
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